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2013-02-07 07:58 pm

Hark! A Picspam!

Haven't done one of these pretty much in ages.

So let's fix that!

 photo whodidthis_zps9ef16c80.jpg


And yes, I know it's not Sunday, but I don't have any other picspam tag. So deal.
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2010-10-10 03:33 pm

Oh Hai From Dreamwidth

Oh hai flist. Welcome to the first post from my DW account.

Here is the link to my DW. Even if you don't have an account and don't want one, you can still read via Open ID. Just go to the main DW page and click "Log in with OpenID".

I'll be posting different stuff here than on LJ. Occasionally I may cross post, but I won't as a rule. The main difference between this journal and LJ is that anything work-related, whether it's positive, negative, or neutral will go here. The reason is I'm more than a little paranoid, and I've never accessed DW from the work computer, nor do I plan to. Therefore, it's a safe place to talk about things of that nature.

Also, very little, if anything, fandom related will go here. I may mention fandom from time to time, but fannish works, post-ep thingies, fics, and anything House related will be restricted to LJ.

Bee tee dub, this is only a temp layout (I like the colors, but it needs POP), and I have yet to move... well, more than one userpic over here.

Why are you still reading? Add me, since this journal will be friends only as well.